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Sue McLean

Shared Services Manager, Transpower

Shared Services Manager, Transpower

PANEL: Where are all the women? Practical advice on supporting women to be successful

Friday 10:50am - 12:00pm, ITP Conference (ITP 1 Room)

Only 23% of the Digital Technology workforce in New Zealand are women. Only 3% of 15 year old kiwi girls even want a career in our industry and globally a staggering 40% of women with STEM degrees leave their careers behind never to return.

The New Zealand Government have a goal of ICT as the 2nd largest contributor to GDP by 2025 - we aren't going to do this without increasing the participation of women to 50% THEN keep them involved once they do join our industry.

Creating inclusive, diverse, supportive, flexible workplaces, and providing mentoring and support are just some of the keys to effecting real change.

This panel will provide practical advice - for men and women alike - on the role we can all play from the perspectives of women at differing stages of their careers across both government and the private sector.

Facilitated by Victoria MacLennan.