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The ITx Conference is running as a collaboration between the 13 conference partners, facilitated by the Institute of IT Professionals NZ. To discuss ITx you can contact the conference organisers at [email protected], call Conference Manager Joy Keene on 0800 252 255.

  Main contact   [email protected]
NZ Excellence in IT Awards

[email protected]

Please contact the following for any enquiries related to individual conferences:


Individual Conference



  Agile Day Jacob Creech [email protected]
  CITRENZ Mary Proctor [email protected]
  Health Informatics NZ Kim Mundell [email protected]
  IT Professionals NZ Joy Keene [email protected]
  InternetNZ Ellen Strickland [email protected]
  itSMFnz Kirstie Magowan [email protected]
  NZOSS Carl Klitscher [email protected]
  NZRise Victoria MacLennan [email protected]
  NZTech Graeme Muller [email protected]
  PMINZ Vishnu Mulinty [email protected]
  TechCommNZ Peter Nock [email protected]
  TUANZ Craig Young [email protected]