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Tony O'Halloran

Tony started his professional life as a developer in Dublin, Ireland. He quickly became frustrated by large protracted projects that ultimately frequently led to less-than-ideal (or noticeable) user outcomes. This led him to the world of Agile, despite a brief, regrettable foray into traditional Project Management from which he has now recovered.

Tony now works as an Agile Coach with Nomad8. Seeing the wasted efforts of smart, engaged people is what still keeps him up at night.

"I know better", “That’s not the Agile way” and other signs you may be wasting your time...

Wednesday 3:20pm - 3:50pm, Agile Day (Agile Day 1 Room)

Being an Agile change agent can often feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle. Have you ever felt like you’re pushing, instead of having knowledge and support pulled from you? Have you ever felt that the ‘Agile’ you’re championing is completely different from the ‘Agile’ your organisa<on is pushing for?

My answer is certainly YES to all of those things, and it sucks.

This will be an exploration the struggles I’ve encountered, the failures I’ve had and what I used to solve them.