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Mark Van der klei

University of Canterbury

Mark is of Maori decent (Ngatiwai, Tainui), and is currently enrolled as a PhD candidate at the University of Canterbury in Management.

Prior to his PhD studies, Mark completed qualifications in Computer Programming (BICT), Applied Management (BAM), and Information Systems (B.Com(hon), M.Com).

In addition to studying, Mark is a senior tutor in Information Systems and has worked in a number of other areas at the University including the English Department, Engineering School and Maori Development Team.

Before going back to study, Mark worked in computer networking (network administrator \ engineer) for 10 years in Enterprise and SME sized organisations, after 10 years in the hospitality industry in a large hotel chain.

Attracting Māori to the IT Profession: Key factors from the Literature

Wednesday 4:00pm - 4:30pm, CITRENZ Conference (CITRENZ 1 Room)

Statistics show that Māori are underachieving in a variety of nationally based Information Communication Technology (ICT) benchmarks, including IT employment.

The purpose of my research is to investigate this from a non-deficit based view to see how IT occupations can be made more attractive to Māori.

Therefore the aim of this paper is to establish the key factors to consider when investigating the current culture of the IT workforce, and what it is that attract Māori into specific workplaces or occupations.

This has been done by reviewing literature on IT culture at the national, organisational and occupational levels, and values that Māori find desirable in the workplace.

This is concluded with a call for help from Māori who are either currently in or who have worked in IT occupations to participate in this study and help further the purpose of this research: to make IT occupations more attractive to Māori.