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Nilufar Baghei

Associate Professor, Academic Leader, Computer Science, Unitec

Nilufar has significant academic leadership experience in a variety of areas such as programme management, curriculum design, research and development, quality management and continuous improvement.

Her research interests are Game Design for Health/Education, Persuasive Technology & Intelligent Educational Systems. She has an extensive list of publications in international journals and conferences, is invited reviewer and editor for a number of international journals and conferences and has led the initiation and delivery of several successful funding applications.

Postgraduate Study at Polytechnics in NZ: Where We Are? What are the Challenges? Where do we go?

Friday 11:30am - 12:40pm, CITRENZ Conference (CITRENZ 1 Room)

The panel will discuss the postgraduate programmes at NZ polytechnics from two perspectives: domestic and international.

The discussion for both programmes for domestic and international students will include types of the programmes (PhDs, Masters, Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas) and the research component in these programmes.

We will discuss what we are doing, how well we are doing, our challenges and where do we want to go from here.

In particular, the discussion will cover the needs of students both domestic and international and our challenges to meet them. From the international students’ perspective, the panel will discuss the educational, cultural and technological challenges that these students are faced with.

The research environment and the challenges for the academics involved in the postgraduate study, as well as a possibility to collaborate, will be discussed.