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Stephanie Day

Learning Designer, TANZ eCampus

Stephanie Day is currently a Learning Designer for TANZ eCampus.

At the time of this research, she was a lecturer in IT at the Eastern Institute of Technology and completing her Masters in Information Technology.

This research reports on one aspect of the Masters in IT Applied Research Project.

Digital Divide Experiences from the Chatham Islands

Thursday 10:40am - 11:10am, CITRENZ Conference (CITRENZ 1 Room)

The digital divide can be represented by the gap between those who have the infrastructure, resources, and skills to participate fully in the digital era and those who do not.

This may be due to differences in socio-economic status, gender, life stage, urban and rural living, and geographical remoteness. The digital divide has an impact on how people access and use information, and experience social, economic and educational equality.

For this research, an exploratory case study approach was used to determine if geographical remoteness had an impact on the digital citizenship of people living in the Chatham Islands of New Zealand.

Results show that geographical remoteness is still a contributor to the digital divide, despite the improvements made to the Islands Internet access options. The Islanders skills and literacies were born out of need due to their isolation.