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Kevin Shedlock

Information & Technology lecturer, Whitireia Polytechnic

Ko Kevin Shedlock toku ingoa
Ko Ngati Hau, Kapotai, Ngati Wai raua ko Te Aitanga a Hauiti oku hapu
Ko te whare tapu o Ngapuhi raua ko Ngati Porou me ki Whakatohea oku iwi
Tihei mauriora

I am an Information & Technology lecturer with Whitireia Polytechnic completing a Doctor of Philosophy with Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. I specialise in software development and virtual world computing using open-source and proprietary based computer programming languages. My interest involves ongoing research into indigeneity and technology applying an indigenous framework to the construction of the IT artefact as well as geo-spatial information systems. I am currently a member of the New Zealand IT Professionals (ITP) and, part of the Australasian Virtual Worlds Working Group (VWWG) who assist in facilitating collaborative research approaches towards virtual world computing.

A Conceptual Model of Knowledge Applied To the Indigenous IT Artefact Construction

Wednesday 3:20pm - 3:50pm, CITRENZ Conference (CITRENZ 1 Room)

Whilst there is a number of well-structured works and publications that focus on the assembly of the indigenous IT artefact, limited attention has been given towards involving indigenous practice and processes during construction.

This has created a disconnection placing both technology and indigeneity at opposing ends of the continuum with no clear direction. A theoretical lens conceptualizing imbedded indigenous knowledge is presented as a generalized model of practice, in pursuit of a co-existence agreement during the construction of the IT-focused indigenous artefact.

Furthermore, a western paradigm of research is adopted for the purpose of research rigor, re-phrased towards an indigenous perspective for this study.