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Kristina Hoeppner

Kristina is the project lead and community facilitator for the open source Mahara ePortfolio project working for Catalyst IT in Wellington.

She has been using Mahara since 2008 when version 1.1 was all the rage and started working with the core development team in New Zealand in mid-2010.

Outside of work, Kristina is an avid photographer of benches and other interesting subjects and likes documenting conferences through photos.

Who Creates Open Source Software?

Friday 12:10pm - 12:40pm, NZOSS Open Source Day (NZOSS 1 Room)

When people commonly speak about open source software development, it is often coders that come to mind of being involved.

But who else is responsible for the creation of applications that run our lives online and on our devices? This talk seeks to challenge the notion that it is only developers who work on (open source) software and shows the myriad of other people involved.