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Sadia Afrin

Student, Manukau Institute of Technology

Sadia Afrin is a final year student in the BICT degree at Manukau Institute of Technology. She is nearing the end of her Industry Project internship working on health and safety management software involving IoT and other cutting-edge technologies.

Sadia has a logical mind with a practical approach to problem-solving and a drive to see things through to completion. She enjoys experimenting with new ways of solving problems, overcoming challenges, and has a genuine interest in all things IT.

Sadia has a loving family and enjoys good food, photography, DIY, and interior design.

A Prototype Robot as an Example of Creative Repurposing of Accessible Technologies

Wednesday 11:40am - 12:10pm, CITRENZ Conference (CITRENZ 2 Room)

This paper presents a prototype for a “robot” device to demonstrate that advanced functionality is achievable by utilising even a low-end smartphone’s capabilities.

Through a standard client-server architecture implemented using HTML, JavaScript, .Net Core and SQL Server, the robot achieves five innovative functions: remote control, location tracking, video streaming, motion detection, and speech recognition. The robot program integrates commonly available Web APIs and phone functionalities through the browser on the smartphone.

This paper also outlines a series of experiments to test whether the robot performed the new tasks to a usable level. The final prototype displayed performance that exceeded expectations for modest low-cost equipment and rivaled or even equaled that of high-end devices.

The solution’s front-end is based entirely on HTML and JavaScript running in-browser, and so it is platform independent and the smartphone stays unaffected.

The project’s architectural simplicity and modular design is ideal for hobbyists and students to learn technology.