ITx 2018 Speakers

Keynotes and Speakers for ITx 2018

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Shelly Davies

Rockstar Writer-Trainer

Shelly does words. Words for scientists, engineers, tech-geeks, and even numpties like the rest of us. If you need to use words to transmit information and you want to do it quickly and effectively, she's your girl. She also has a rockin' brand, weird photos, and 2 generations of offspring, WTF.

Even techie peeps can write like humans (and why you freaking should!)

Friday 12:10pm - 12:40pm, TechCommNZ Technical Communicators Day (TechCommNZ 1 Room)

Rockstar writer and trainer Shelly Davies can help everyone, no matter how techie, connect with other humans!

Unconference with TechCommNZ

Friday 3:20pm - 4:30pm, TechCommNZ Technical Communicators Day (TechCommNZ 1 Room)

Gather with Tony Self, Shelly Davies, and Doug Kim - decide what you want to talk about, exchange ideas, and just freewheel TechCommNZ style.