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Bill Ross


Bill is an Equinox IT Principal Consultant with broad technical IT experience and a specialist focus on application and solutions architecture.

In his role, he provides independent advice to clients to help them make the best technical and architectural decisions for their needs.

Bill also develops and delivers architecture training to many organisations, including Equinox IT's Solution Architecture Fundamentals and The Agile Architect courses. He presented Architecturally Agile at the ITx 2016 conference.

Moving From Legacy To The Future – Can You Get There From Here?

Thursday 4:00pm - 4:30pm, ITP Conference (ITP 2 Room)

Many organisations have large, core, mission-critical systems that are often described as 'legacy'. The organisation can't live without them – but for many reasons they find they can't live with them for much longer either.

Generally, to 'leave a legacy' was considered a good thing, but in the world of IT systems, it has come to mean having systems that are inflexible, hard to maintain, expensive to run and are weighed down by 'technical-debt'.

The current raft of modern technologies and approaches, such as cloud, containerisation, microservices, DevOps etc. promises to save us – but how do we go about getting from our legacy to this brave-new-world? And will today's innovation just be tomorrow's legacy?

This presentation will examine this situation that many organisations face, and define some key principles to apply when undertaking such a move.

It will consider the relevance of modern architectures, technologies, and approaches to a different organisations contexts and describe approaches as to how an organisation can move forward from their legacy systems.