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Andrew Dingfelder

Principal Consultant, Planit Software Testing

Andy Dingfelder is a Principal Consultant for Planit Software Testing. He has over 20 years of experience in software development and testing across multiple domains, including expertise in test automation, continuous improvement, data warehousing and project management.

He is passionate about building and mentoring technology teams and serves as Planit’s regional DevOps and Complete Tester technical training champion.

Andy specialises in helping organisations design and implement programme level DevOps and Continuous Delivery strategies, and is a certified Scrum Master and Advanced Test Manager.

Key Drivers in Successful Continuous Delivery

Friday 11:30am - 12:00pm, ITP Conference (ITP 3 Room)

While DevOps and Continuous Delivery are common buzz words, very little practical guidance is available about getting started.

This overview presents a practical overview of Continuous Delivery and DevOps along with an exploration of key attributes such as Quality and Culture which will affect the success of your implementation.

Learn about the importance of test automation for Continuous Delivery and where to focus your efforts for the greatest return.

Along with an overview of DevOps theories, Andy explores successful implementations of continuous delivery and DevOps culture and how they are different from traditional and Agile development methodologies.

Learn the key components of a continuous delivery pipeline and why it is important for your organisation.