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Nataliya Alkhimova

The Knowledge Warehouse Limited (Knoware)

Nataliya has proven expertise in delivering data warehouse and business intelligence solutions that support evidence-based analytics to help achieve operational and strategic goals.

Among her achievements is leading and successfully delivering a project that was described by PWC auditors as "the best example of an agile data warehouse project we have seen".

Nataliya has over 10 years' experience in data warehousing and business intelligence. She is skilled and experienced in architecture, design and technical leadership roles, and she is a hands-on developer.

Nataliya has worked in both private and public sector, in particular - Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Development, Farmers Mutual Group (FMG), ACC. At present, she is a Principal Consultant at The Knowledge Warehouse Limited (Knoware).

Nataliya has strong SAS expertise being certified as a SAS Advanced Programmer and Data Integration Developer. She knows how a good coding or ETL job should look, and uses her knowledge and experience to establish development standards and practices that ensure high-quality outputs which teams can stand by proudly.

In addition to her extensive data warehousing background, Nataliya has solid experience in leading Agile teams where she has played roles of scrum master and technical lead.

She is passionate about the Agile way of developing and delivering data warehouse and analytics solutions that leave customers delighted.

Applying Agile to Analytics and Business Intelligence: What it is like. Why do it. Making it Work.

Thursday 11:20am - 11:50am, ITP Conference (ITP 1 Room)

Agile has been successfully embedded into software development for a number of years now. However, its adoption in the fields of Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Data Warehousing has not been as extensive or successful. Is it because what we do is so different that Agile has no place in our world? Or is it simply due to shortage of information and guidance on how to apply Agile principles and practices to Analytics and BI?

Myths and misconceptions about Agile abound. No, it is not a "cowboy" style development where you forget about all documentation, do things quickly in an ad hoc manner and lose sight of the end goal.

The paradox of Agile is that it is simple, but it is not easy. It is built on a simple set of sensible values and principals, but it requires a high degree of discipline and commitment to execute properly. The rewards of Agile can be great - high-quality and high-value working systems, increased visibility and productivity, motivated teams and, most importantly, satisfied and happy users.

So, what is it like to apply Agile to Analytics and BI? Why would you do it? And, most importantly, how to make it work for you? The presentation will answer these questions and provide practical information on effective application of Agile style and practices, the benefits they can bring, and how to begin that journey in the world of Analytics and BI.