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Martin Gordon

National Practice Lead, Assurity

As the National Practice Lead for Assurity, a key part of Martin's role is to look beyond today and to anticipate the changes and influences that will impact testing over the next few years.

Martin has been involved in the Testing industry for over 22 years and prior to joining Assurity in 2006 was the Product Assurance Manager (covering testing, environment and configuration management and continuous improvement) for the National Health Service in the UK.

His qualifications include the Prince2 Foundation Certificate in Project Management, as well as the ISEB Foundation & Practitioners Certification in Software Testing & Test Management.

The Evolution of Testing

Friday 12:10pm - 12:40pm, ITP Conference (ITP 3 Room)

The next few years will see incredible changes to our working and personal lives, with digital becoming ubiquitous it will mean current areas that have no software involved in their creation, delivery and operation will significantly change. Literally everything will end up with software as an integral part of its existence; and as a result, Testing will be an exciting and thriving profession.

In this presentation, I will explore some of the major influences that are affecting the world of IT and will describe the impact it is having on the testing profession and outline the changes that we will need to make to successfully adjust to the rapidly evolving IT landscape. These key influencers range from the Internet of Things, Embedded Software, Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence through to Security, Privacy, and Wearables.

I will look at the new skills, specialist roles and services that will be required to help every organisation adapt to operating in a digital world. We are already seeing a divergence that is evolving between technology-centric and human-centric skills. This is manifesting itself in a shift away from the graphic user interface (GUI) as the primary focus and more and more testing is taking place beneath that with service layer and interface testing. At the same time, the expansion of wearables, smart devices, and digital homes is driving a greater focus on the users through usability and accessibility.