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Tony Self


Tony Self has worked as a technical communicator for almost 30 years, specialising in online help systems, computer-based training, and mark-up languages. In 1993 Tony founded HyperWrite, a consultancy company specialising in hypertext. Tony is a Fellow of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communication, and holds a PhD in semantic mark-up languages, a Graduate Diploma in Technical Communication, and a Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. He is the author of “The DITA Style Guide”, and is based in Melbourne.

That’ll Never Happen: Impossible Documentation

Friday 10:50am - 11:20am, TechCommNZ Technical Communicators Day (TechCommNZ 1 Room)

The products of technical communication – are manuals, Help systems, user guides – are created using authoring tools that are decades old. And although many of those products are delivered on mobile devices, many are delivered using centuries-old paper technologies, or as PDFs. The applications and services that they document can be cutting-edge and innovative, but documentation is rarely so. In this session, we take a fresh look at how documentation could take new and clever forms, and the roles that connectivity, metadata, and interchange play in making that a reality.

Unconference with TechCommNZ

Friday 3:20pm - 4:30pm, TechCommNZ Technical Communicators Day (TechCommNZ 1 Room)

Gather with Tony Self, Shelly Davies, and Doug Kim - decide what you want to talk about, exchange ideas, and just freewheel TechCommNZ style.