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Nitish Verma

Principal Consultant & Founder, Essence Networks Limited

Nitish Verma is principal consultant & founder of Essence Networks Limited - a governance, risk, and compliance consulting firm with an integrated approach to utilising innovation for business benefits.

He brings a design-led approach to planning for results. His consulting and senior advisory career spans over 15 years in the New Zealand public sector. In this time he has helped to lead central government agencies to adopt improved governance, risk management, and legislative compliance processes; adopt ICT strategically and contribute to better public policy evaluation.

Previously, Nitish has consulted for Fortune 500 and high growth start-up firms in the USA and Europe.

Nitish is a member of the Institute of Directors (NZ), RiskNZ, DAMA Organisation and ISACA.
He is a certified GRC Auditor, IS Auditor and a Fellow of the Association of Open Group Enterprise Architects.

Data Governance in Practice - Integrating with Organisation Decision Making

Thursday 11:20am - 11:50am, ITP Conference (ITP 3 Room)

Data Governance is a strategic response to emerging risks and opportunities that stem from the rapid growth of data and digital business models. Low-cost computing and storage, Internet of Things and the emergence of mega IT vendors create the need for leadership to act on information whilst protecting their organisation and their clients from harm.

This presentation examines the core components of data governance professional practice from the 'outside in'. Key popular data governance frameworks in practice are covered. An overview of regulatory drivers for data governance is discussed.

One of the most important factors in a professional practice area is how well it engages the rest of the organisation. Towards this end, the presentation will discuss approaches of engagement with traditional governance and business management disciplines as well as IT and Project governance and management.

Data Governance will not scale to expectations without the utilisation of fit-for-purpose technology. The presentation will cover the features of market-leading data governance platforms with a view to informing practitioners on what to expect from leading technologies today.

The presentation is designed to encourage discussion on contemporary and innovative approaches to the management and governance of data for business benefit and technology adoption.