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Caroline Paver


Caroline has a broad range of experience across different industries and countries - including IT, Telecommunications, and Healthcare. She has held varied project support and management roles in Australia, England and New Zealand.

Caroline studied a Bachelor of Environmental Science before directing her career into project management. She has been developing her career within the IT industry and brings great experience to the Designertech team.

A Key Part of Your Business is Broken - And You Don't Even Know.

Thursday 10:40am - 11:10am, ITP Conference (ITP 3 Room)

One of the most critical parts of your business is broken; worse - its state is Invisible at the CxO level.

Project Management is a highly detailed, proceduralised and complex profession that is mostly ineffective except as a record of past failures. 70% of projects are not completed on time and budget, failure rates are astronomically high and the cost to enterprises is unacceptable.
Mostly the visibility of this process at CxO level is reactive and comes at project completion, long after the cost of failure has been incurred.

Designertech’s GM of software took an aggressive approach to this by creating a specialised team to Quote: “Make the damn thing work, Make it visible and make it cost effective”.

In this presentation, Caroline Paver and Greg Abbiss (GM) will present the issues, the challenge issued to Caroline and her team and the resulting solutions, which brought about outstanding improvements in project success rates and built an entire service and product set based on Microsoft Project Online tailored to Service industries in particular but scalable to all business models that require their projects to work.

The presentation will be a “Dog and Pony” with the GM introducing the problems, as seen from the CxO level, and Caroline responding to these challenges with the solutions, including live demos of the processes and tools developed.

The presentation will deliberately be confronting so that the hard questions are asked and answered for the audience.