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Ernie Newman

Ernie Newman Consulting Ltd

Ernie Newman is a Digital Economy Consultant based in the Bay of Plenty and Auckland, New Zealand. His expertise includes digital economy issues, issues management, e-health, privacy policy, and telecommunications policy.

His clients include telecommunications and media companies, not-for-profit organisations, charitable trusts, crown controlled enterprises, and mainstream central and local government agencies.

Before becoming a consultant he was Chief Executive of TUANZ, the Telecommunications Users Association of NZ 1999-2010, in which role he led the user group through the transformation from a single company monopoly telecommunications service to the leading edge, competitive model we see today.

He is also a past Chair of the Brussels-based International Telecommunications Users Group.

Health - A Digital Laggard - Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Wednesday 3:20pm - 3:50pm, ITP Conference (ITP 2 Room)

New Zealand has become a star performer in driving high-speed Internet across the population including increasingly the hard-to-reach rural areas. This infrastructure investment has stimulated leading-edge adoption of digital services in education, government, tourism, and most other sectors of the economy.

The stand out exception is health. There are exceptions to this, but overall health services are still tinkering around the edges of the opportunities.

Starting from a consumer perspective, this presentation will review the state of health IT in New Zealand, the opportunities for IT to deliver great improvements in health outcomes and systemic efficiency, the impact of the older generations choosing to age in the community and requiring in-home support, and opportunities in specialist fields such as mental health.

The presentation will look objectively at why progress has been so slow and suggest actions to close the gap towards a world-leading health system taking founded on the opportunities of the digital era.