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Tony Krzyzewski

SAM for Compliance Ltd

Tony Krzyzewski has been involved in the New Zealand IT industry for 41 years, with the past 25 years specialising in cybersecurity. He has been involved in many areas of the industry and has been recognised as a leader in most areas that he has been involved with.

He is acknowledged internationally as a pioneer in the cybersecurity sector and is frequently called on to present on this topic. In April 2018 he joins five other cybersecurity specialists on the stage at Mansion House, London to present at the Global Cyber Alliance / Verizon Cyber Trends 2018 event.

Tony is a member of the New Zealand Standards Association security advisory group and holds a position as National Expert on the ISO27000 standards working group. He was a contributor to the definition of CIS Controls 7, released March 19th, 2018. He is an active contributor to Global Cyber Alliance content and participated in the GCA's '90 Days to DMARC' campaign.

Tony was made a Fellow of the Institute of IT Professionals in 2017 and recently was appointed as an Ambassador for the Global Cyber Alliance.

Cybersecurity: The Center for Internet Security & The Global Cyber Alliance - Making a Difference

Wednesday 11:40am - 12:10pm, ITP Conference (ITP 2 Room)

Tony Krzyzewski is an active participant in the work of both the Center for Internet Security with the development of the CIS Controls and the Global Cyber Alliance in their global campaign to reduce the impact of cybersecurity-related crime.

In this presentation Tony talks about the work underway as the CIS, the CIS Controls and CIS Benchmarks and how the New Zealand developed SAM for Compliance system is helping drive the CIS Controls forward within organisations.

He discusses the role of the GCA, its Quad9 secure DNS filtering service, the DMARC email integrity initiative, and the simple steps that New Zealand organisations can, and need to undertake to reduce cybersecurity-related risk.