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Lynley Lee

Founding Director/Principal Consultant, Peritia Ltd

Lynley is the founding Director and a Principal Consultant at Peritia Ltd; a consultancy company that works with organisations from SME’s to large corporates and local authorities, to provide leadership and advice in the development and implementation of Business Technology Strategies and Digital Initiatives. Peritia’s approach is to inform and empower decision makers to understand and embrace digital business transformation.

Lynley is a highly regarded technology professional with experience at all levels of IT delivery and a large network of business and technology relationships. As a digital thinker, combined with skills and knowledge gained through senior IT roles and Directorships, Lynley provides mentoring to managers wanting (or needing) to make the shift to a more strategic approach to IT responsibilities.

Digital Threats Create Strategic Opportunities for IT Professionals

Wednesday 11:00am - 11:30am, ITP Conference (ITP 2 Room)

“The role of CIO and being a leader as a CIO is changing. It’s about working in partnership with the business, speaking the language of the business, being a leader. You are no longer doing the bidding of others. But [are] the transformers that use technology to lead.”
- David Wallis, Gartner

This presentation encourages CIO’s and aspiring CIO’s from organisations of any size to reframe their perception of the threats and challenges arising from digital technologies into opportunities to increase their strategic influence, become a catalyst for business innovation and growth, and increase the digital resilience of their organization.

Key digital threats and challenges for 2018 are identified, based on Peritia’s professional experience and the latest local and international research. Digital threats are reviewed and explored, exposing opportunities for CIO’s to challenge their own threat mindset; to choose to approach change optimistically.

Strategies are shared to:
• Build a channel to Board level conversations.
• Develop relationships both internally, externally and professionally.
• Encourage and support the IT team to obtain advanced digital skills and grow their own leadership capabilities.
• Increase productivity and add measurable business value.
• Empower and enable business leaders to communicate confidently with IT professionals.

It all starts with a conversation.