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Isuru Fernando

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Leader, IBM New Zealand

Isuru Fernando is the Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Leader for IBM New Zealand. Globally, Isuru has extensive experience working with leading organisations on technology and economic disruption. He is a recognised thought leader at IBM, is part of IBM's Global Top Talent, and sits on the Worldwide panel for Product Futures.

Isuru holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the University of Auckland where he spent his time pushing the boundaries of theory and practice. He is a published author, has co-founded a start-up that went onto a successful acquisition, is a board member of the Association of Information Professionals Asia Pacific Chapter, and a member of the Embedded Systems and Robotics research group at the University of Auckland.

AI And its Role in The Digital Future of New Zealand

Wednesday 11:00am - 11:30am, ITP Conference (ITP 1 Room)

Artificial intelligence is here. It’s now in the real world, used by businesses of all shapes and sizes, all around the globe - and it is squarely on the agenda of both technology and business executives in New Zealand.

AI platforms like IBM Watson understand the world in the way humans do – through senses, learning, and experience. They learn at scale, gaining knowledge over time, reasoning with purpose and interacting with humans in a natural way.

Unlike the AI we see in the movies and pop culture, the capability of this technology is being realised not through replacing humans, but from augmenting human intelligence and helping professionals across a diverse range of industries perform their jobs more efficiently, more accurately and with greater insight.

In this session we will explore the opportunities AI represents to scale human expertise, ethically. We will also present practical options on how to leverage AI in organisations – from developers getting started with APIs to create virtual conversational systems to technology executives planning enterprise-wide intelligence systems for actionable insights.

We’ll share examples of real world applications of AI and show how organisations are getting insight from their “dark data” - the 80% of data they already own but have never been able to tap into before. We will present a point of view for a policy environment that is open and transparent, with organisational data and insights remaining firmly within their control, and share a practical framework for adopting AI systems in organisations which take into account not only technology but also process and people.