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Darcy Mellsop

Continuous Improvement Coach, Ci Lab

Darcy Mellsop specialises in helping organisations of all sizes to run like clockwork.

Passionate about the power of continuous improvement to transform people’s lives, Darcy is a
skilled continuous improvement coach, experienced across Lean Six Sigma, Systems Thinking
and the State Services Commission’s better every day methodology for the public sector.

Darcy supports leaders and teams to streamline unwieldy processes and reduce rework and
errors that are stopping good work being done. The results are tangible and sustainable, and
include better business performance, happier staff and vastly improved customer interactions.
Darcy has a proven record of building continuous improvement and customer focused capability
in organisations to produce significantly better outcomes for customers and has embedded
continuous improvement in a diversity of organisations, teams and leaders, from finance, policy
and operations.

Complementing his continuous improvement specialisation, he has a broad business
background which includes roles as a Capability Manager, Change Manager and Project

Key principles for leaders adopting a continuous improvement approach

Thursday 12:00pm - 12:30pm, PMI IT Project Management Day (PMINZ 1 Room)

Every leader wants the benefits of quick and continuous improvements. Adopting a continuous improvement culture means having an engaged team to discover and gain every advantage, and eliminating today’s problems so they are not experienced again tomorrow. This presentation is rich with case studies and war stories to provide a practical, pragmatic and a humorous perspective about adopting continuous improvement:
The leader’s role, perspective and likely obstacles on a continuous improvement journey
The core principles and actions to embed a continuous improvement culture
Blending continuous improvement as part of organisational and project team culture