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Pete Yates

Virtual CIO, Enterprise IT

Pete is an experienced CTO, passionate tech blogger ( and writer. He brings a unique experience spanning both enterprise & start-up/SME environments in industries such as health, local and central government, telecommunications, software, media and IT service providers. He has implemented a number of on-premise and cloud based ITSM solutions in both large corporate environments as well as smaller organisations. Which in some cases were in software product companies where ITSM had to support an Agile way of working.

ITSM and Agile a match made in heaven - really?

Friday 11:30am - 12:00pm, itSMF Service Management conference (itSMFnz 2 Room)

I will look at practical examples of how I have implemented and used ITSM solutions within an organisation that utilises Agile methodologies - covering tools and processes used as well as lessons learnt