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Ivor Macfarlane

Partner, MacfPartners

In 23 years working for UK government, I moved from forestry to ITSM via prisons, warehousing and training. From 1999 I worked as an ITSM consultant and trainer: as a freelance and 7 years with IBM. I was an author for ITIL (versions 1, 2 & 3), ISO20000 and the ITSM library, and an ITIL examiner from 1991.

Intelligent Disobedience - A service dog idea for service management

Thursday 4:00pm - 4:30pm, itSMF Service Management conference (itSMFnz 1 Room)

As automation and self-service increase, most calls that do come through to front line staff are complicated and exceptions. This means an increasing level of skill required in the front line jobs that remain. (Rob England's Standard+Case approach identifies this and underpins this talk.)

30 years in ITSM: totally changed and completely the same

Friday 2:30pm - 3:00pm, itSMF Service Management conference (itSMFnz 2 Room)

ITSM is about People, Process & Technology. By and large we've got two of them cracked. But despite progress elsewhere we still seem to be on version 1.0 of people. So, after 30 years preaching about the need to see the customer perspective and focus on people, I am still saying it to anyone who'll listen and, it seems, to even more who won't. This talk will say it again, but this time suggest we need to think it's all magic to make make a difference.