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Jan Schilt

CEO Founder, GamingWorks BV

Jan Schilt is Master of Science in Human Resource Development.
He is co-owner of GamingWorks, one of the world's leading Serious Business Simulation companies. He developed over 10 business simulations of which Apollo 13 - an ITSM case experience, the Challenge of Egypt (Project Management) Grab@Pizza Business and IT Alignment, The Phoenix Project (DevOps) and MarsLander (Agile Service Management)

He is an expert in designing creative learning interventions for many large organizations.

Jan has delivered 300+ simulations all over the world for many large organizations and has a lot of experience with team and organizational development.

Jan is author of the books "Process Improvement in IT Service Management (dutch), "ABC of ICT an introduction (English)" and "Serious Gaming".

How simulations can increase your ITSM performance

Thursday 2:30pm - 3:00pm, itSMF Service Management conference (itSMFnz 1 Room)

Organisations are always challenging organisational changes. Teams have to adopt new way of working, new teams are formed, new tools are used, new services are going to be deployed. How do we get all employees motivated to take the challenge? How can we develop new competences so employees can deal with the new way of working? For a long time simulations are the perfect learning instrument to develop those new skills. It's interactive, it's fun, it's realistic and very powerful. In this presentation we will explain what sims are, how they can help, how they are used in several projects/customers.