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Dean Barcham

TPMO Manager, Inland Revenue

Dean was bought in to tidy up the project management process, but as is typical of his career, quickly begun to look at the root causes of some of the common problems he saw around him, and turned to cultural change as the answer. As a trusted advisor to the CTO, Dean has lead IR in our DevOps journey and bought in Rob England to mentor us on the way. A professional disrupter for good aka consultant, and quite the muso to boot, Dean has successfully implemented new ways of working in unexpected ways.

How do you make your horse a Unicorn? A practical guide to transforming the way you work

Wednesday 11:40am - 12:10pm, itSMF Service Management conference (itSMFnz 1 Room)

We have all gone back to the office after finishing the phoenix project book or hearing Rob England speak, determined to make a start on this mythical beast called DevOps. As leaders Dean and I were pretty clear we knew what good looked like. But how do you make that real? This session covers our experiences on our journey, and our experiments and outcome. We will also include advice for how to deal with some of the pitfalls, trials and tribulations of being an agent for genuine change within a large government organisation that also happens to be transforming. Expect practical takeaways and a few laughs on the way.