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Alexia Hilbertidou

Founder, GirlBoss NZ

Alexia is is the founder of GirlBoss NZ, an organisation which encourages young women to embrace STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

GirlBoss is New Zealand’s second largest women’s network with nearly 8000 members. Alexia is passionate about promoting the exciting opportunities and challenging the stereotypes in entrepreneurship and STEM fields.

Hear about her story so far, including being the youngest person ever to join NASA's Sofia mission.

Not Yet 20: Inside the minds of NZ's next generation of leaders

Friday 1:40pm - 2:20pm, Keynote Presentation

So what's *really* going on in the minds of Gen Z?

Activist, entrepreneur and GirlBoss NZ Founder Alexia Hilbertidou will present an inspiring, funny and surprising insight into the minds of NZ's Gen Z.

What are they engaging with online and what do they care about? How will they be impacted by the future of work and how should we be preparing them for it? How can we support the next generation of young leaders and how do we keep up with them?

Alexia will also share how GirlBoss NZ, the school project she started in 2016, grew into NZ's second largest organisation for young women in less than two years.