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Continuing Professional Development: Returning to study with Work-Based Learning

Thursday 4:00pm - 4:30pm, CITRENZ Conference (Upstairs 2 (SENZ))

In this paper, we describe the processes, actions, thoughts, and mindset of an Xtend/Master of Professional Practice candidate, via a first-hand account of his returning to tertiary education via a Work-Based Learning (WBL) programme.

We look at the changes the candidate has made to his overall work practice, in terms of development as both professional and student within the ICT industry, what problems or difficulties have arisen and how these have been mitigated as part of the ongoing process.

The WBL approach as described in this paper is still in its relative infancy, compared to traditional methods of learning such as the standard full-time degree or diploma, it is our hope that this account of how this process has worked and the benefits gained from it will encourage a discussion about the role of professional practice research and education in IT.


Jamie Vaughan

ICT Manager, Gallaway Cook Allan

Jamie Vaughan is the ICT Manager of Gallaway Cook Allan, a historical firm providing legal services from their offices in Dunedin and Wanaka.

As a 13-year veteran of the IT industry, Jamie is currently tasked with looking after the information and technological requirements of the firms’ 70+ users.

Jamie is a member of the NZ Institute of IT Professionals and currently working towards completion of his Master of Professional Practice degree through Signal ICT Grad School.

As part of his ongoing studies, Jamie offers a unique perspective on the role of work-based learning and the benefits it provides not only to the learner but to the employer as well.