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A Four Stage Model For How Organisations Adopt DevOps

Friday 10:50am - 11:20am, itSMF Service Management conference (Room 4 (ManageEngine))

The adoption of DevOps is gaining traction in many businesses, both large and small. The "unicorn" organisations that do DevOps from Day One can plunge right in. For we "horses" that deal with legacy systems and practices, we have to evolve by stages towards a DevOps ideal. As organisations ease into the challenging ideas of DevOps, they grow in maturity through stages. This session will discuss a four-stage model typical of that journey, based on Rob's experiences with clients. We look at how to determine where you are on that model, what to do at each stage, and what some of the implications are for organisational transformation.


Rob England

Teal Unicorn

Rob England B.Sc., MIITP, CITP is an independent IT management consultant, trainer, and commentator based in Wellington, New Zealand. Rob is an internationally-recognised thought leader in DevOps and IT Service Management (ITSM) and a published author of seven books and many articles. He is best known for his controversial blog and alter-ego, the IT Skeptic. He speaks regularly at international conferences.

Rob labels himself a "DevOps anticryptoequinologist". (He's interested in DevOps for horses not unicorns.)

Rob is an acknowledged contributor to The DevOps Handbook, and to ITIL (2011 Service Strategy book). Rob was awarded the inaugural New Zealand IT Service Management Champion award for 2010 by itSMFnz, and made a Life Member in 2017.